Lamorinda Water Polo, Inc. is pleased to provide an opportunity for athletes new to our program to participate in a two-week trial program.   Athletes may attend their age/grade group practice up to two weeks at no initial cost.  The two-week program always commences on the first day of the seasonal practice period and concludes at the end of the second week of the seasonal practice period. 

To register for our trial program, create an Athlete profile by completing our online registration form.  All Athletes new to water polo should also read the USAWP information below, prior to completing the online registration form.  

Next, send an email to 'Contact Us' to let us know which program your athlete is trialing. 

All athletes are required to have a USAWP Membership.  For those athletes trying water polo for the first time, USAWP offers a trial program.  Complete the USAWP Trial Membership application and send or fax to USAWP as indicated on the form.  Our Club information is Lamorinda Water Polo based in Lafayette, CA and our Club ID is 1309.  Please write in bold letters on the top of the form the first day of your athlete's practice start date.  This way the trial for USAWP will coincide with the Lamorinda's trial. If your athlete is also utilizing the trial program for USAWP, when completing our online registration form, please enter 'Trial' in the USAWP # field and enter the exp date which reflects the conclusion of our trial program (i.e. season starts 9/10/20xx, enter 9/24/20xx as your USAWP Exp date).

At the conclusion of the two-week trial program, if an athlete wishes to continue, we respectfully request athlete's parents log into their player's Lamorinda profile and pay the seasonal fee for their respective age group which is located on our register page. 

All athletes under a USAWP trial membership will also need to convert their trial USAWP membership to a full USAWP Membership.  This may be accomplished by logging into your athlete's USAWP account.  Upon receipt of your trial application, USAWP emailed you a confirmation of the trial application and emailed it to you.  If you cannot locate this email, contact Layla Behzadian at Membership Services ( to obtain your athletes USAWP ID and password.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us by sending us an email through 'Contact Us'


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