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This Disney endorsed program is designed to introduce the sport of water polo to children 5-9 years old. The intent is to provide basic skills and understanding of the sport in a recreational format. Although water polo is known for its toughness and endurance, SplashballTM harnesses all the fun, dynamic aspects of the game in a safe, easy to learn aquatic experience that will motivate kids to swim and stay fit.

Check out the USAWP SplashBall Video.  Lamorinda and Moraga Park and Recreational Department co-host this incredible program.

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Lamorinda Water Polo is pleased to provide an opportunity for athletes new to our organization to participate in a Free Trial Program.   Athletes may attend their respective age/gender group practice at no initial cost.   Select “Trial Program” on our Register page to sign up.  The Trial Program commences at the beginning of each session and lasts for a specified number of practices.  All athletes are required, even trial participants, to secure a USA Water Polo Membership.  USA Water Polo offers a Trial Membership at no cost.  More information on our Register page.

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Desgined for middle & high school players ages 7-18 years old. The age-group teams are designed to both teach the beginning fundamentals of waterpolo and enhance the attained skills of seasoned, competitive athletes.  We offer competitive teams for each age group for each boys and girls:

  • 8 & Under Girls, 8 & Under Boys

  • 10 & Under Girls, 10 & Under Boys

  • 12 & Under Girls, 12 & Under Boys

  • 14 & Under Girls, 14 & Under Boys

  • 16 & Under Girls, 16 & Under Boys

  • 18 & Under Girls, 18 & Under Boys 

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