Step 1: Register with USA Water Polo (USAWP)

Registration with USA Water Polo is required. USAWP is the national governing body for our sport.   You will need your USAWP Membership ID and Expiration Date before continuing on to Step 2.

To register for USAWP:

  • Go to the USAWP registration page:

  • There are three membership options:

    • Gold  $135.00 - allows participation in all USAWP affiliated events.

    • Silver $87.00 - allows participation in practice and sanctioned games (excludes National contests and ODP).

    • Bronze $45.00 - same privileges as Silver however is only valid for some (not all) local sanctioned tournaments.

  • Our club ID is: Lamorinda Water Polo (1309)

Be sure to write down your USAWP Membership ID and Expiration Date for Step 2.

Step 2: Register with Lamorinda Water Polo

Select the program you wish to register your first player below.

Multi-player discount: If you are enrolling two or more athletes in the same season, there is a discount of $20.00 each for your second, and an additional $5 per athlete for your third. (Discount is not applicable to SplashBall, camps, or clinics unless otherwise noted).

Multiple Player Registration:  If you have multiple players to register and one or more is registering for the trial program, you will need to complete the trial registration process separately and then come back to the registration page to select the program for your additional players.  

Summer 2021 SEASON:                    ​​​​​​​​​

  • 10U Boys:  June 1 - July 21 (Junior Olympics -  July 22 - July 25)

  • 12U Boys, 14U Boys, 16U Boys, 18U Boys:  June 1 - July 16 (Junior Olympics July 17 - July 20)

  • All Girls:  June 1- July 21 (Junior Olympics - July 22 - July 25)

The Trial Program is not offered for the duration of Shelter in Place.

**Athletes requesting financial assistance must print this form and submit it to LAMO by the dates indicated.