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LAMO Partners with Tropicsurf to Raise Funds for Equipment

Help Lamorinda Water Polo Club raise funds to purchase new equipment. LAMO has partnered with the USA Water Polo’s Official Sunscreen & Skincare brand, Tropicsurf®, a natural mineral, reef friendly sunscreen that provides 4-hour sun protection and smells amazing.

The best part is that Tropicsurf will donate 20% of the sales from every purchase to LAMO now and in the future!

As a company that was founded to protect, cleanse and replenish your skin, our oceans and support local communities, Tropicsurf makes the fundraising process super-fast & easy! All you need to do is click on the link below to get started. You will be asked to provide family and friend contact info and then a pre-written email will be sent to ask for their support.

You can also post about this fundraising opportunity on your social media. The greater your reach through contacts and social media, the more funds you will raise!

It’s really a win-win! When your friends and family purchase Tropicsurf, they not only help raise funds for LAMO but also protect themselves from the sun.

So why wait? Let’s Go!

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