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Boys High School Award Winners & ODP Pacific Zone Athletes

Boys High School Award Winners

LAMO Athletes California-Hawaii All-American Will Clark 3rd Team. Miramonte Ben Miller 4th Team. Campolindo Jake Stone 5th Team. Acalanes All Northern California Will Clark 1st Team. Miramonte Ben Miller 2nd Team Campolindo Jake Stone 2nd Team Acalanes Jackson Painter 4th Team Miramonte All NCS: East Bay and North Bay Will Clark 1st Team Miramonte Jake Stone 1st Team Acalanes Ben Miller 2nd Team Campolindo Jackson Painter 2nd Team Miramonte Leo Berkman 3rd Team Miramonte Max Stryker 3rd Team Acalanes Bennett Winther 3rd Team Acalanes

ODP Pacific Zone Athletes Boys Brodie Crouch - 14U Development Team Donavan Davidson - 14U Development Team

Lukas Hendriks - 14U Development Team Luca Rago - 14U Development Team Ryan McAninch - Cadet Team Adam Ting - Cadet Team Oliver Von Karl - Cadet Team Leo Berkman - Youth Team Jackson Painter - Youth Team Max Stryker - Youth Team Girls Development Team: 14u Paige Chivers - Development Team Grace Clark - Development Team Lauren Hett - Development Team Dania Innis - Development Team Lindsey Lucas - Development Team Alexandra Lurie - Development Team Meghan McAninich - Development Team Shannon Murphy - Development Team Anna Painter - Development Team Allison Smith - Development Team Isabel Stice - Development Team Lola Ciruli - Cadet Team Anna Hillen - Cadet Team Savannah Sherwood - Youth Team

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