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LAMO honors graduating seniors who have committed to playing water polo in college

Congratulations to the following graduating seniors for committing to play water polo in college:

Will Clark - Claremont McKenna

Ben Miller - UC Santa Barbara

Kelly Murphy - UC Santa Barbara

Erin Neustrom - University of Michigan

Jacob Parker - Diablo Valley College

Jamie Pitcher - San Jose State University

Camille Russell - Long Beach State University

Skylar Savar - UCLA

Sidney Vranesh - University of Michigan

Bennett Winther - USC

We are very proud of our athletes for all of their hard work and dedication, both inside and outside of the pool.

Top Row: Coach James Lathrop, Will Clark, Ben Miller, Bennett Winther, Coach Kim Everist

Bottom Row: Skylar Savar, Kelly Murphy, Sidney Vranesh, Camille Russell, Erin Neustrom, Jamie Pitcher

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