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Lamorinda Brentwood Splashball Program a Success

Splashball Bounces into Brentwood!

Lamorinda Brentwood, a partnership of Lamorinda Water Polo and Brentwood SeaWolves, is thrilled to bring Splashball to the Brentwood area of northern California for the very first time! Thanks to a generous startup grant from The Olympic Club Foundation’s Splashball Program, and the expert guidance of Bill Brown, the program kicked off in April fully equipped and raring to go.

Modeling the successful partnership between Lamorinda Water Polo and the Town of Moraga, Lamorinda Brentwood collaborated with the City of Brentwood to offer Splashball through the City’s Parks & Recreation department. The City handles the administrative functions and registration process, and Lamorinda Brentwood provides the equipment and staff. This successful alliance resulted in a completely full session with a waiting list!

With a team of experienced on-deck coaches and many Lamorinda Brentwood high-school athletes volunteering as in-water junior coaches, the ratio of coach to participant is 1:3. Best of all, the coaches are having as much fun as the participants!

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